20+ Awesome Nightclub and Musical WordPress Themes 2017

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20 Magazine Templates with Creative Print Layout Designs

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15 Awesome Web Design Video Tutorials

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20 Beautiful PSD Templates You Can Download for Free

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8 CSS Libraries for Adding Image Hover Effects

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15 Best Android Code Editors for Mobile Developers

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10+ Best HTML5 Audio Players for Web Developers

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7 Must-have Translation Plugins for WordPress Site

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10 Brilliant Must Have Free WordPress Plugins for 2017

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Google Contacts Gets Redesign and New Features

Making minor changes in design and adding latest features such as Google’s standard account switcher, Google is updating its contacts to edition 2.0. In 2015, the search giant Google had added contacts apps and Android Phone stock to the Play Store and after that, there are very few updates made to the former. Google’s third-party… Read More »