10+ Best HTML5 Audio Players for Web Developers

Over the years, HTML has evolved and has now become a standard for web designers and developers. Thanks to the latest versions of HTML, HTML5, it has become possible for the web designers and developers to integrate a number of advanced features to the web pages with relative ease. HTML5 is designed for support to… Read More »

7 Must-have Translation Plugins for WordPress Site

Translation does more than convert words of one language into another. Internationalization-ready websites rank higher on search engines. But more than that, it gives the impression to your audience that you do, in fact, care about who they are; that you respect cultural and linguistic differences. It makes websites feel less alien and more familiar.… Read More »

10 Brilliant Must Have Free WordPress Plugins for 2017

If you’re thinking of starting your new online business, or you already own one, then you must have mostly heard of WordPress which is highly popular and hugely used CMS for designing a website. This signifies that every people can have free and quick access to your site. More than 40,000+ plugins are available but… Read More »

Google Contacts Gets Redesign and New Features

Making minor changes in design and adding latest features such as Google’s standard account switcher, Google is updating its contacts to edition 2.0. In 2015, the search giant Google had added contacts apps and Android Phone stock to the Play Store and after that, there are very few updates made to the former. Google’s third-party… Read More »

Introduction To Comprehensive Static Site Generator

Static Site Generator A static site generator joins a markup dialect with a combination of template features; let’s say for example: using Jinja to develop HTML records that are facilitated and served by a web server or a substance conveyance process (CDN) without any glitches. Benefits of static site generators Static generator easily records both… Read More »

10 Stunning Ionic Templates

If you are looking to create the mobile applications for the modern smartphones and handheld devices, you must already be looking for Ionic. The mobile app developers know the benefits of Ionic very well. It is a framework that helps create some stunning mobile apps that can be used on multiple device platforms. This framework… Read More »