Google Contacts Gets Redesign and New Features

By | May 23, 2017

Making minor changes in design and adding latest features such as Google’s standard account switcher, Google is updating its contacts to edition 2.0.

In 2015, the search giant Google had added contacts apps and Android Phone stock to the Play Store and after that, there are very few updates made to the former. Google’s third-party contacts apps provides the Android devices with all the features considered necessary by the company and it provides a cleaner look as well in comparison to other third-parties present here.

Small changes are introduced in the updated version 2.0 of contacts apps to smooth the experience of users in future but it seems to be a minor update.

Though the contacts apps is updated to edition 2.0 by Google yet had introduced small changes to make the user experience efficient in future, meaning that it is a minor update.

Though option to choose numerous contacts at a time to delete, share, move or apply labels is made available yet the main list is same as before. Tapping on any of your contacts will show you a circular profile photo that has been reduced from previously used rectangular one, making everything essential than before. From the flat grayish color Google has updated to the Floating Action Button present at bottom for edits. Addition of a standard Android account switcher is also an immense change stated by 9to5 Google. Google will provide all its accounts that you are signed in with circular profile photos same as Play Store or Gmail apps of Google.

However, this updated 2.0 version provides slight changes but proves to be good effort by Google to improve its apps in future. If one is not having the Google Contacts apps, he/she can download it from the Play Store.